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for the silence.

Pretty manic week – I go on holiday to America tomorrow and have had to concentrate on work.

Ended on a pretty hard day… several people fired at work and had to explain it to rest of company. An ‘interesting’ experience.

Can’t wait to get on the plane tomorrow morning…lots of pleasures (hopefully) await as well as the man I love.


Sorry it’s taken me time to post this – had problems with YouTube and WordPress integrating but it’s still worth it posting.

Just hilarious and doesn’t need me saying anything more than that…

While I’m at it…

Let’s promote another bad thing about gay people!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO desperate to have positive role models that we hook onto any piece of ‘tittle tattle’ about the sexuality any man/woman that is in the media spotlight and is even the slightest bit photogenic.

I know it’s been like it for years but it’s getting out of control.

When someone like the Manhunt blog can re-print ‘gossip’ which is so undescriptive that each part could refer to different people…that is obviously their right (enshrined in the US constitution)


When they then post several pictures of one particular person, they are seriously over-stepping the mark (both legally and morally).

I just hope that the person who has been pictured decides to take legal action…they need to think more before doing such things.

Sermon and complaining over for tonight!

So it continues…

God, gays can be pretty evil can’t they/we?

If it isn’t enough that someone took it upon themselves to let the rest of the ‘gay’ world that Mason Wyler is HIV positive, the fact that he confirmed the story means that people are spreading rumours/stories about him.

He’s now had to put up another post on his blog denying those stories. You can tell that he’s near breaking point.

Seriously, the guy is already going through hell – LEAVE HIM ALONE!

How can something that feels SOOO good, be SOOO bad?!

yes, you know that feeling…that extra bit of chocolate, ‘just‘ one more glass of wine, that one more bump of ketamine (ha!)…you know you want them and yet, you know you’re gonna pay for it next day in some way.

Does it stop you from doing it? Of course not!

The thing is…there are some things that might be bad for you but they’re not THAT bad and you can deal with it.

Problem I have is that the thing that I know is bad for me, is REALLY bad for me but it doesn’t stop me wanting it.

What is this thing?

sit on that raw dick!

bareback sex!

There I’ve said it…I love bareback sex. There is no feeling like it in the world and anyone who says otherwise, has never had bareback sex.

Now as a gay man, I know we all supposedly know the risks but when you’ve experienced something that feels THAT amazing, all concern/thoughts/worries/panic disappears as you succumb to the intensity and explosion of emotions and sensations when you fuck raw.

[Sorry, there’s no other way to describe it]

And yet, I now know from personal experience that it can be devastatingly bad.

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed as HIV positive.

Am I still coming to terms with that news? Probably.

Was it a huge shock? Honestly, not really.

Lesson learnt? Nope.

I crave it, dream of it, want it constantly…

When I watch porn, I only seem to get off to bareback stuff.

Does that mean I now only fuck bareback? no.

I’m now in a relationship with an HIV negative guy – we fuck with condoms, I love sex with him.

Do I wish it was bareback? God yes…would do anything for his beautiful cock raw in me and unloading his cum deep inside my ass.

As I said, I crave raw sex and know he would love that too but we don’t because as much as it feels soooooooooooooooooooooo¬† good, it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

But I can’t stop thinking about this:

want that to be me!

Please will someone do this to me?!