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Freaky…but proud!

Yes, I’m coming back to this.

Anyway, even though I’ve been away for quite a while – there’s still quite a few people looking at the blog every day which is fantastic.

(I promise I’ll do better at keeping up with posts!)

Anyway, looking through the stats of how many hits and where people are coming from, there was a weird referring link today….Facebook!

First, I freaked that I had put something on my facebook profile that I didn’t remember…ummm, no.

So I clicked on the link…it opened on the page you get saying that you’re just about to leave Facebook and do you trust the link, blah blah…so it doesn’t tell me where it came from.


I’m now not worried, just intrigued who is referring people to my blog from Facebook and why. If anyone can explain, I’d love to know.

It’s amazing where things that I arrive end up.

Kinda proud but definitely intrigued!