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While I’m at it…

Let’s promote another bad thing about gay people!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO desperate to have positive role models that we hook onto any piece of ‘tittle tattle’ about the sexuality any man/woman that is in the media spotlight and is even the slightest bit photogenic.

I know it’s been like it for years but it’s getting out of control.

When someone like the Manhunt blog can re-print ‘gossip’ which is so undescriptive that each part could refer to different people…that is obviously their right (enshrined in the US constitution)


When they then post several pictures of one particular person, they are seriously over-stepping the mark (both legally and morally).

I just hope that the person who has been pictured decides to take legal action…they need to think more before doing such things.

Sermon and complaining over for tonight!

At last

Someone speaks sensibly and interprets the US Constitution correctly rather than the ridiculous Republican rhetoric that gets thrown around:

Happens that the person to stand up and say it, is the President.

But that’s what the President is there for – be a stable hand and reasonable voice when people go stupid and forget the common decency that we should expect and reward everyone.

Although – it is about time, as this issue has been flying around for several weeks but better late than never.

I just wish he would be as forthcoming over Prop 8 and the issue of gay marriage.

Come on President Obama, set the example again and support the issue of fundamental rights for all.